When you are trying to sell your house, you typically focus on what to do to move it off the market.
What about what not to do? We’re offering you some free advice today!

Here are ten things to avoid when trying to sell your home:

1. Ignoring Curb Appeal
The first impression that potential buyers have when they arrive at your address is the curb appeal. How well does your property look from the outside? Is it subpar or better than your neighbors’ homes? If you ignore curb appeal, you’ll make a bad impression before the buyer has even entered the home. Curb appeal includes the lawn, driveway and facade of your home.

2. Having Messy Closets
Buyers will definitely be opening cupboards and closets to get a sense of the storage capacity in your property and how it will relate to their needs. Having messy closets indicates that you don’t have enough space to put all your possessions. If you can’t keep your closets neat and tidy, the home-buyers will assume they won’t be able to, either.

3. Being Too Trendy
You can’t know what style potential home-buyers have. Decorating in an overly trendy fashion can put off certain buyers and distract them from seeing the “bones” of the house.

4. Forgetting Safety Equipment
Buyers notice when things are missing from a property. If you lack carbon monoxide and/or smoke detectors, prospects will get the impression that you don’t care much about safety, which may mean more serious issues also exist.

5. Getting Emotionally Involved
Selling your home is a business transaction. One surefire way not to sell is to take personal offense to comments prospective buyers make. This can prevent you from accepting a reasonable offer.

6. Having Poor Listing Photos or None at All
These days, buyers do “pre-shopping” online. If you have poorly lit, unfocused photos or none at all, your listing is going to get zero attention from home-buyers.

7. Having Dirty Dishes In The Sink
An unkempt house raises a lot of red flags for home-buyers. Plus, they’ll pay more attention to slovenly housekeeping than the actual property.

8. Leaving Out Personal Decorations
Personal decorations like family photos can be a distraction for home-buyers. They’ll have trouble imagining themselves living in what is obviously your home territory.

9. Overpricing Your House
If you really want to not sell your house, list it for too much. The people who are actually in your price range won’t consider it because it’s too high. And if someone does make an offer, their lender will never approve the loan because it appraised too low for your selling point.

10. Being Present At Showings
Homeowners make poor salesmen. Your presence will make home-buyers uncomfortable and keep them from asking their questions and fully exploring the home. This is a perfect way to drive off would-be home-buyers.

Selling (or buying!) a home can be stressful, and these are mistakes that are easy to make.  That’s where we come in.  At Mandy McGuire Group, you will have a team of real estate professionals dedicated to providing exceptional,  personalized service.